Selah! The calling of God!

When God calls you into a specific ministry, you can try to say to yourself that you just “thought” God was speaking to you, that He has no “need” for you, nor for what He has just called you to do.  And then you entertain the thought for awhile that maybe God was really speaking to you, but it wasn’t the right time.  That somehow, He had gotten the timing off, because there were some things that had to be done first, before God could use you.  You continue on doing the same old routine day-in and day-out, and it will enter your mind every so often, ever so gently from time-to-time, that maybe God really did place a calling on your life.  That He had really spoken to your heart, and that He really wanted you to do this work that He won’t let you forget.

And then one day, your standing in a service worshiping God and enjoying the beautiful singing, when all of a sudden you’re handed a pen by the Minister who tells you that God said to “write.”  Now, let me tell you, if that doesn’t get your attention, then nothing will!  I knew at that moment that it was truly God, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, who was telling me to write and was using His Minister as a vessel to deliver the message.  That was confirmation!  I’d been having these thoughts to write for years, but didn’t seriously think it could be something that God wanted me to do...or could it?

Just a couple of services later, a word of knowledge came forth through a Prophetess of God, who told me that my “mouth was the pen of a ready writer.”  A second confirmation!  So many thoughts were coming at me now...but God, how can I write when I’ve got so much on my plate as it is?  I teach Adult Sunday School, I’m part of the Praise & Worship Team, I’m the Women’s Ministry President, plus I work on a public job.  No excuses!  I couldn’t get away from it.  I had to write. 

God had been sending me “messages” of what to write for a couple of years.  He told me to write about my past experiences with His people and how He had blessed them, so that His goodness, and His people whom I’d met down through the years, would not be forgotten.  He wanted me to write so that those who read them could pause, and think about what they’d just read,...and remember.  Hence, the title for my column, “SELAH!,” which means STOP.  THINK ABOUT IT.

This is the beginning of a journey that I invite you take with me.  At the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, I plan to write stories of my past experiences which will bring to life some of the wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted.  Some have gone home to be with the Lord, and others are still looking for His appearing.  Some stories may be present day.  Each story will inspire and encourage you, and hopefully you’ll see the hand of God working, which will give Glory to His name.  His name is above all names, and He is the One True God who deserves all glory!  Praise be to His name!  If you want to hear from God, just listen to what He has to say...

Vicki Burns, Pastor’s Wife

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