Puppy love or Divine Intervention?

Living the first ten years of my life in Hamilton, Ohio, my family returned to their roots in search of work to Clay County, Kentucky.  I was in the fifth grade.  I thought my life had ended.  I just knew there would be no cute boys in Kentucky.  Boy, was I wrong! I started out attending the Hacker Elementary School at first, which was a social shock in itself, because I was used to walking to a nice totally modern school.  The Hacker Elementary School I attended was not the Hacker Elementary School today, let me tell you!  It was a variety of rock buildings, scattered here and there, and nicely nestled in a country setting.  This is the place where I was introduced to paddling!  They didn't paddle in the city when you misbehaved or failed a test; they just sat you in the corner or sent you to the Principal's Office.  I learned real quickly that the teacher possessed a piece of wood and was allowed to use it!  That's a whole 'nother story! My story begins the next year after we returned to Kentucky to live.  I was eleven years old and entering into the sixth grade.  Mom and Dad found a nice place to rent on Island Creek, where I was introduced to another new school known as Pin Hook.  Yeah, we were the brundt of all the jokes.  Kids from other schools called us "pin worms" or any other name they could think of to further degrade our school name.  This was another setting of several different rock buildings, and outside toilets for cryng out loud!  Now I knew for sure my life was over! On the first day of school that year, things began to look up.  Maybe my life had not ended in Hamilton.  Maybe there were some cute boys out there...even in Kentucky.  This is when I met my future husband, Joey.  He was a little guy with blonde hair and freckles, roudy and mischievious as they came.  I fell instantly in love, but there was only one problem.  He had a girlfriend.  Wouldn't you know it.  You finally find the guy of your dreams, and he's taken!  Well, that didn't stop me.  I secretly began to get to know him better, little by little.  This was now my new venture in life.  Our teacher, Mrs. Craft, would turn out to be one of the most influential people of our lives.  Looking back now, we reflect on how much she affected our future.  You see, she was a Christian lady.  Every morning to start out the school day we sang "I've Got a Mansion Just Over the Hilltop."  I remember singing to the top of my lungs, "I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that bright land where we'll never grow old.  And some day yonder, we will never more wander, but walks the streets that are pure as gold."  At that time, we didn't realize what we were singing about, but now in hind-sight, we can see she was helping mold us toward our future calling.   She taught us many things about God, because her life revealed Him to us.  She is gone now to live in that city we sang about, but she'll never be forgotten. Getting back to my story, for three years (sixth, seventh, and eighth grades) I became more and more in love with this boy.  He knew how much I cared about him, everyone knew, but I wasn't cool back in those days.  You know, he was the kind of guy who was very popular with the girls, but you had to be real cool to be his girl, which I wasn't.  I was quiet and sorta shy.  He was loud and full of life.  He got paddled a lot!  I remember one time, he and several others burned the erasers by placing them in the pot-bellied stove that sat in the middle of the room.  Needless to say, smoke bellowed everywhere throughout the room, and the windows had to be opened.  They evidently thought no one would find out who did it since it was done during recess, and maybe we would have to leave for the day and go home.  NOT!  They got caught and had to pay a huge price...another paddling! None of his antics deterred my love for him.  In fact, I think it attracted me more to him since his was the opposite of my nature.  The saying really is true, that sometimes opposites do attract.  He was my soul mate.  I just knew it and no one could tell me anything different.  Then there was high school.  Entering the ninth grade was a whole new adventure.  Since Joey still had no real intest in me up untill now, I thought that maybe I should spread my interests a bit, venture into new territory, maybe have a few new relationships.  Maybe, just maybe, he would be jealous and see that I was the one for him, if I could only make myself get interested in someone else. During that year I realized something.  Joey was growing into a tall young man.  From the end of the eighth grade school year until the beginning of the ninth grade, he grew from 5'1" to about 5'9".  Our teacher, Miss Robinson, measured all of us in the eighth grade that year.  Joey and I were almost the same height.  The only difference was, he grew and I didn't.  In fact, I'm as tall now as I was then.  There's only been a slight change in my height...I've shrunk 1/2 inch.  It's true.  The older we get, the shorter we get!  Life's funny that way.  I'm now a robust 5 foot tall! Yep.  Still shrinking, too.  Anyway, many things had changed during that summer.  I became a young woman, too.  I'll leave it at that!  Due to happenstance (yeah, right!) we had almost all classes together.  Wouldn't you know it, I had finally made up my mind to move on and look what happened.  He and his buddy, Joe, sat behind me and my friend, Judy.  During the 70's, everyone had long, straight hair that was parted down the middle, no bangs, including the guys.  Looking back now, we were a sad looking bunch of hippies, but we were cool!  Mine and Judy's hair would hang down behind our chairs, and they would scoot their desks as close to our chairs as possible.  When we sat up toward our desks to write, it would pull our hair out, which was not painless!  Judy and I had LONG fingernails.  Each time they would do this, they'd just falling over laughing.  We'd immediately reach behind us and claw anything we could reach.  Sometimes we'd bring the blood!  What sweet revenge!  Who was laughing now?  I really thought I could move on, but I couldn't.  Not with him being so close to me all the time, in almost every class!    Nearing the end of the ninth grade school year, I had a date with another guy, or so I thought.  We had planned to meet at one of my friend's house, but he was a no-show.  Looking back now, I can see how God was in conrol of my life.  It had never been God's will from the beginning that I enter into a relationship with anyone other than Joey.  You see, I didn't plan on Joey being anywhere near me that evening, but he showed up.  Right out of the blue, he came there that night where I was, because we had some of the same friends.  He came just to hang out, but God knew what He was doing.  Somehow, we hooked up and connected.  It was God's right timing.  The date was May 19, 1973.  I was fifteen, and Joey was fourteen, but he would turn fifteen on June 25.  Three years later, we married on his eighteen birthday on June 25, 1976.  We've been together now for 33 years.  I've never looked back or regretted a day being married to him.  He, and God, have made my life complete.  By sharing this with others, what I hope that people see is that God plays a role in all of our lives from the beginning until the end.  All we need to do is allow Him to work.  I'm so glad that I waited on God to send me the right person to share my life.  I truly believe that all young people should earnestly pray and ask that God place the right person in their life.  That's what the Scripture is saying in II Corinthians 6:14, when it says "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:  for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?  and what communion hath light with darkness?"  We must wait on God.  He knows who you are compatible with.  You don't have to ask a computer program.  Ask God.  I guarantee you'll find your soul mate, just as I did, if you'll pray and wait on God.  After reading this, I'll let you decide, was it puppy love or divine intervention?

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